Pear is committed to fostering a community of active pair traders that can learn from one another and share their expertise when trading in a long-short manner.

To encourage more users and usage, Pear Protocol uses a generous referrals program, with the following mechanics. If User A invites User B and User B executes via their ref link, then 2 conditions are triggered:

- 10% of all referee’s trading fees goes to the referrer (in the form of claimable $ETH)

- referee gets 10% discount on their own fee they pay

For example, if User A refers User B, and User B places trades that generate $100 of trading fees paid to Pear Protocol (net of their own -10% fee discount), then User A will see a claimable balance of $10 (10%) in $ETH.

Link to referrals: https://beta.pear.garden/dashboard => Referrals Tab

Here, traders can create a referral code that they can eventually share via link or directly into their X account.

Once a code has been created and shared, traders need to wait their referees to place trades. Eventually, they should be able to claim their rewards in ETH.

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