How to Trade

Let’s walk through our existing UI. We’ll review the Main page, how to open a position, how to close a position and how to view open & closed positions. Please note, there may be slight variations on How to Trade depending on which Liquidity Engine you choose.
Home Screen
Let’s run through our scenario where a trader wants to be long $BTC / short $LINK, with 10x leverage, utilising USDC as collateral
Step 1: Select asset to long
Step 2: Select asset to short
Step 3: Deposit collateral and select leverage
Leverage is calculated based on the total notional exposure a user wants. So if a user wanted to risk up to $100, and have $1000 of notional exposure then they would slide leverage to 10x.
On the back end they would be long $50 notional of $BTC perps ($50 of collateral * x10 leverage) + short $50 notional of $LINK perps ($50 of collateral * x10 leverage).
Users don’t need to make these calculations for themselves, this is one of the main benefits of Pear. Users just state how much they are willing to lose, the appropriate amount of leverage and then proceed to step 4.
Step 4: Approve and click Open Position
Review the details in the pop-up and Open the $BTC / $LINK position
Your position will now reflect in the Open Positions tab. The green background on the $BTC position reflects a long, the red reflects a short position on $LINK.