💸$ARB Rewards

Pear Protocol has successfully been awarded 2 grants, the proceeds of which will be 100% distributed to our active users in the form of a claimable reward of $ARB tokens.

Pear received the following two grants: 1. GMX Builder Grant: 40,000 $ARB tokens (Isolated Margin mode only)

2. Arbitrum DAO LTIPP: 350,000 $ARB tokens (all Products)

Whenever a trader either opens or closes a pair trading position, they will incur the Pear Protocol fee. We are storing the $ equivalent amount of fees paid per user, and making 80% of this $ amount available in the form of $ARB tokens. For example, if a trader had incured $10 in trading fees, they would be eligible for up to $8 of $ARB tokens. This reduces the Pear trading cost by -80%, effectively making their trade not 0.25%, but a very competitive 0.05%. To claim the $ARB rewards, traders need to navigate to Dashboard > Rewards.

Link to Rewards: https://beta.pear.garden/dashboard => Rewards Tab

To ensure a fair distribution of rewards, this is capped at 10,000 $ARB per user.

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