Position NFTs

Once the user has open positions, the app will allow the minting of each pair position as an NFT using the MINT NFT button highlighted in green.
This will open a pop-up depicting the NFT. At the bottom of the pop-up up, the user will be able to start the minting process by clicking MINT (fees apply).
The users will have to approve the transaction in the chosen wallet provider.
After waiting a few seconds for the PositionNFT to mint, the user will be notified when the positions has been successfully minted.
Once minted, the user will be able to click the VIEW NFT button to navigate to the POSITIONS NFT page.
The POSITIONS NFT page allows traders to see t heirminted positions. Should the user have multiple NFT Positions minted, they will be able to track the PnL of such positions there.
Trades will also be able to see previously minted positions since closed.
By clicking on the chosen NFT the trade will have the option to view this on Opensea and also Arbiscan. Traders will soon have the option to transfer their trading position to another wallet.
NOTE: After transferring the NFT, the position is removed from the wallet entirely with only the receiving wallet able to manage this trade.
Once the user closes a position, the image will remain in the wallet as CLOSED with specified dates.
To close a position, tarders have to navigate to the main trading app and click the three dots (…) this will open the options to CLOSE TRADE.